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Punk, Indie etc. Vinyl LPs F-I

Faction - Interpol

Faction – Faction vinyl LP on Inevitable INEV 006   £5.99 Add To Cart

1981 release.  Comes in sealable plastic bag with card insert.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Jamaica Day, Disney, Ritual 1, Faction, Far Away, Crazy People, Directive 59, Shanghi, Ritual 2, Burning Feet, Vienna, Tired Of Love

Fuzztones – Leave Your Mind At Home vinyl LP on Midnight MIRLP105   £11.99 Add To Cart

1984 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Voices Green And Purple, Black-Out At Gretely, No Friends Of Mine, We’re Pretty Quick, Flash On You, The Bag I’m In, You Burn Me Up And Down

Fuzztones – Live In Europe vinyl LP + 7” flexi on Music Maniac MM 006   £13.99 Add To Cart

1987 release in gatefold sleeve with inner sleeve and 7” flexi featuring Doctor And The Medics and Rat Scabies on lead guitar.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Bad Little Woman, Blues Theme, Cellar Dwellar, Love At Psychedelic Velocity, 1523 Blair, Run Chicken Run, 13 Women, 7 And 7 Is, Gotta Get Some, Journey To Tyme, Human Fly, Psychotic Reaction, I’m Loose
7": Gloria

Fuzztones – Lysergic Emanations vinyl LP on ABC ABC LP4   £12.99 Add To Cart

1985 release.  Inner sleeve.  Excellent condition.  Played once.

Tracks: 1-2-5, Gotta Get Me Some, Journey To Tyme, Ward 81, Radar Eyes, Cinderella, Highway 69, Just Once, She’s Wicked, Living Sickness

Grimes – Halfaxa vinyl LP on Arbutus ABT014  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed LP with download code.

Tracks: Outer, Intor / Flowers, Weregild, S
agrad Прекрасный, Dragvandil, Devon, Dreamfortress, World ♥ Princess, † River †, Swan Song, ≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈, My Sister Says The Saddest Things, Hallways, Favriel

Gumball – Special Kiss vinyl LP on Paperhouse PAPLP 007-S  £10.99 Add To Cart

1991 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.  Complete with 4 postcards.

Tracks: This Town, All The Time, Window Pain, Wake Up, Summer Days, Yellow Pants, Restless, Gone Too Far, Gettysburg, Alternate Feed, You Know, Pre, High Or Low

Half Japanese – Why Not? vinyl LP on Fire FIRELP468  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, selaled white vinyl LP.

Tracks: The Future Is Ours, The Face, Why Not?, Amazing, Demons Of Doom, A Word To The Wise, Bring On The Night, Zombie Island Massacre, Better Days, Spaceship To Mars, Why’d They Do It?, Magic, Falling

Half Japanese – Boo! Vinyl LP on Fire FIRELP311  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1994 LP.

Tracks: Open Your Eyes, Big Mistake, One Million Kisses, Fire To Burn, Mule In The Corn, If He Says He Did, King Kong, Postcard From Far Away, I’ll Change My Style, Cherry Pie, Rrrrrrrrrssssssssssttttttttttt, Sex At Your Parent’s House, Secret, Said And Done, Charmed Life, Casper, Around And Around, Rocking Chair, Turn Your Life Around, Firecracker, Silver And Katherine, Frankenstein Must Die!, By And By, Fire In The Sky

Half Japanese – Charmed Life vinyl LP on Fire FIRELP307  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1988 LP on blue vinyl plus download code.

Tracks: Said And Done, Penny In The Fountain, Evidence, Vietnam, Roman Candles, Love At First Sight, Snake Line, Bright Lights Big City, Face Rake, Later In A Magazine, Red Dress, Trouble In The Water, Charmed Life, Day And Night, One Million Kisses, Miracles Happen Every Day, Terminator, I’ll Change My Style, Fortunate, Real Cool Time, Poetic License

Hangmans Beautiful Daughters – Trash Mantra vinyl LP on Dreamworld BIG5  £18.99 Add To Cart

1987 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: They Fell For Words Like Love, Out Of My Head, Cat’s Got Nine, Something About Today, Darkside, Pushing Too Far

Heads – Nobody Knows double vinyl LP on Rooster ROOSTER21LP  £19.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, double LP in gatefold sleeve with poster.  Limited record store day release.

Tracks: Move Yr Spacecar, Bag It (Slack Babbath), Kraut Byrds 7/8, Hey, Hey, Canned Pt3, F@zz, Less Of More, Move Yr Spacecar Dub ?, Waht?, Long Goner 1/4

Heart Throbs – Cleopatra Grip vinyl LP on One Little Indian TPLP23  £9.99 Add To Cart

1990 release with inner sleeve.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Tossed Away, Dreamtime, Big Commotion, In Vain, Slip And Slide, Here I Hide, Calavera, I Wonder Why, She’s In A Trance, Blood From A Stone, Kiss Me When I’m Starving, White Laughter

House Of Love – Audience With The Mind vinyl LP on Fontana 514 880-1  £19.99 Add To Cart

1993 release with inner sleeve.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Sweet Anataomy, Audience With The Mind, Haloes, Erosion, Call Me, Shining On, Portrait In Atlanta, Corridors, Hollow, All Night Long, Into The Tunnel, You’ve Got To Feel

Howling Bells – The Loudest Engine vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP459  £12.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed LP.

Tracks: Charlatan, Into The Sky, The Wilderness, Secrets, Don’t Run, The Faith, Live On, The Loudest Engine, Gold Suns White Guns, Sioux, Baby Blue, Invisible, Arrows

Hybirds – The Hybirds vinyl LP on Heavenly HVNLP20   £4.99 Add To Cart

1998 LP with inner sleeve.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Ball Of Twine, 24, I’m Coming Out, See Me Through, Call Me Blue, The Only Ones, Born Yesterday, The Wanderers, Stranded, Words, Suzy Parker, I Feel The Weight

Hypnotone – Hypnotone vinyl LP on Creation CRELP 067  £9.99 Add To Cart

1990 release.  Excellent condition.  Played once.

Tracks: Dream Beam, Junovia, Potion 90, Italia, In Joy, SBX, Sub

Ian Dury And The Blockheads – Do It Yourself vinyl LP on Stiff SEEZ14  £8.99 Add To Cart

1979 release with inner bag.  Excellent condition.  Sleeve version as illustrated.

Tracks: Inbetweenies, Quiet, Don’t Ask Me, Sink My Boats, Waiting For Your Taxi, This Is What We Find, Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy, Mischief, Dance Of The Screamers, Lullaby For Francies

Inspiral Carpets – The Beast Inside vinyl LP on Mute DUNG 14  £8.99 Add To Cart

1991 LP with inner sleeve.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Caravan, Please Be Cruel, Born Yesterday, Sleep Well Tonight, Grip, Beast Inside, Niagara, Mermaid, Further Away, Dreams Are All We Have

Interpol – Our Love To Admire double vinyl LP on Capitol 00602557574029  £15.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2007 double LP.

Tracks: Pioneer To The Falls, No I In Threesome, The Scale, The Heinrich Maneuver, Mammoth, Pace Is The Trick, All Fired Up, Rest My Chemistry, Who Do You Think, Wrecking Ball, The Lighthouse

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