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Punk, Indie etc. Vinyl LPs S

Saints - Swervedriver

Saints – Paralytic Tonight Dublin Tomorrow vinyl mini LP on New Rose NEW 1  £11.99 Add To Cart

1980 release.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Simple Love, (Don’t Send Me) Roses, Miss Wonderful, On The Waterfront, Call It Mine

Sand – The Dynamic Curve vinyl LP on Creation CRELP089  £12.99 Add To Cart

1991 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Felatio, This Thinking Feeling Moment, Consent, Communion, Infinite, Absolution

Screaming Trees – Dust vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP247  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1996 LP.

Tracks: Halo Of Ashes, All I Know, Look At You, Dying Days, Make My Mind, Sworn And Broken, Witness, Traveler, Dime Western, Gospel Plow

Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion coloured vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP101  £19.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1992 LP on coloured vinyl with 1 bonus track and insert.  Numbered limited edition.

Tracks: Shadow Of The Season, Nearly Lost You, Dollar Bill, More Or Less, Butterfly, For Celebrations Past, The Secret Kind, Winter Song, Troubled Times, No One Knows, Julie Paradise

Screaming Trees – Uncle Anesthesia vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP587  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1991 LP.

Tracks: Beyond This Horizon, Bed Of Roses, Uncle Anesthesia, Story Of Her Fate, Caught Between, Lay Your Head Down, Before We Arise, Something About Today, Alice Said, Time For Light, Disappearing, Ocean Of Confusion, Closer

Secret Machines – Now Here Is Nowhere double vinyl LP on Reprise 9362 48544-1  £69.99 Add To Cart

2004 release in gatefold sleeve with inners.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: First Wave Intact, Sad And Lonely, The Leaves Are Gone, Nowhere Again, The Road Leads Where It's Led, Pharaoh's Daughter, You Are Chains, Light's On, Now Here Is Nowhere

Selecter – Access All Areas vinyl picture disc LP on Demon DEMREC141  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new picture disc LP of 1980 live recording at Nottingham.

Tracks: The Whisper, Out On The Streets, Missing Words, Street Feeling, Black And Blue, On My Radio, James Bond Theme, They Make Me Mad, Everyday (Time Hard), Too Much Pressure, Train To Skaville

Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols vinyl LP on Universal SexPisLP77  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1977 LP (12 tracks) with download voucher.

Tracks: Holidays In The Sun, Bodies, No Feelings, Liar, God Save The Queen, Problems, Seventeen, Anarchy In The U.K, Submission, Pretty Vacant, New York, EMI

Shoutbus – Ain’t That America US import vinyl LP on Art Monk Construction AMC#20   £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed album.

Tracks: Requiem For Joe Camel, Braille, El Presidente, Casting Call, Golf Courses, Natural Selection, White Trash Personals, Dope, Another Planned Community, Campaign Contribution, Loopholes, Vietnam, Sumo Says, Minimum Wage, Waiting For 101, Media Plant, Coupons, Recliner

Sideshow – Lip Read Confusion US import vinyl LP on Flydaddy FLY011   £9.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed 1994 album.

Tracks: Option Refused, Camp Sunnyside, Everything’s Breaking, Ptolemy Theory, Slip, Trigger, Lip Read Confusion, Rust, 12:23, Grips

Simon Turner – Simon Turner vinyl LP on Creation CRELP 064  £39.99 Add To Cart

1990 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Almost Bliss, Warm Melt, Dark Melt, Muzak, Bliss

Skids – The Absolute Game double vinyl LP on Virgin V2174  £9.99 Add To Cart

1980 release with second LP Strenth Through Joy plus insert.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Circus Games, Out Of Town, Goodbye Civilian, The Children Saw The Shame, A Woman In Winter, Hurry On Boys, Happy To Be With You, The Devils Decade, One Decree, Arena.
Strength Through Joy: An Incident In Algiers, Grievance, Strength Through Joy, Filming Africa, A Man For All Seasons, Snakes And Ladders, Surgical Triumph, The Bell Jar

Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit vinyl LP + 7" on Torn Clean LUCKY100LP  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, blood red splatter vinyl LP plus 7" and download code.

Tracks: It’s Just Us Now, Torn Clean, Lighning Turns Sawdust Gold, I Can’t Stand You Anymore, Crucible, Loyal For, I Can Only Stare, Throw Me Down The Stairs, Unlimited Dark Paths, I Know Not To Count On You, Rule Number One, Baptism By Fire, Hyper Dark, As If
Single: Champions Of Unrestricted Beauty

Slowdive – Souvlaki vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP202  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1993 LP.

Tracks: Alison, Machine Gun, 40 Days, Sing, Here She Comes, Souvlaki Space Station, When The Sun Hits, Altogether, Melon Yellow, Dagger

Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments To An Elegy vinyl LP on Martha’ Music 81012276-1  £19.99 Add To Cart

Brand new sealed LP in gatefold sleeve with download code.

Tracks: Tiberius, Being Beige, Anaise!, One And All (We Are), Run2Me, Drum + Fife, Monuments, Dorian, Anti-Hero

Smiths – Louder Than Bombs double vinyl LP on Sire 25569-1  £29.99 Add To Cart

1987 release in gatefold sleeve.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Is It Really So Strange?, Sheila Take A Bow, Shoplifters Of The World Unite, Sweet And Tender Hooligan, Half A Person, London, Panic, Girl Afraid, Shakespeare's Sister, William, It Was Really Nothing, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Ask, Golden Lights, Oscillate Wildly, These Things Take Time, Rubber Ring, Back To The Old House, Hand In Glove, Stretch Out And Wait, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, This Night Has Opened My Eyes, Unloveable, Asleep

Smiths – Meat Is Murder vinyl LP on Rough Trade 2564665878  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the original album.

Tracks: The Headmaster Ritual, Rusholme Ruffians, I Want The One I Can’t Have, What She Said, That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, Nowhere Fast, Well I Wonder, Barbarism Begins At Home, Meat Is Murder

Snow Patrol – Final Straw vinyl LP on Polydor 9866073  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new LP.

Tracks: How To Be Dead, Wow, Gleaming Auction, Whatever’s Left, Spitting Games, Chocolate, Run, Grazed Knees, Ways And Means, Tiny Little Fractures, Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking, Same

Snow Patrol – Eyes Open double vinyl LP on Polydor 9853626  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new double LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: You're All I Have, Hands Open, Chasing Cars, Shut Your Eyes, It's Beginning To Get To Me, You Could Be Happy, Make This Go On Forever, Set The Fire To The Third Bar, Headlights On Dark Roads, Open Your Eyes, The Finish Line

Sonic Youth – A Thousand Leaves double vinyl LP on DGC 00602547431042  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1998 LP with download code.

Tracks: Contre Le Sexism, Sunday, Female Mechanic Now On Duty, Wildflower Soul, Hoarfrost, French Tickler, Hits Of Sunshine, Karen Koltrane, The Ineffable Me, Snare Girl, Heather Angel

Sonic Youth – NYC Ghosts And Flowers vinyl LP on Geffen 00602547413857  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2000 LP with download code.

Tracks: Free City Rhymes, Nevermind (What Was It Anyway), Small Flowers Crack Concrete, StreamXsonik Subway, Side2side, Renegade Princess, NYC Ghosts And Flowers, Lightnin’

Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped vinyl LP on Geffen 0602547491831  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2006 LP with download code.

Tracks: Reena, Incinerate, Do You Believe In Rapture?, Sleepin Around, What A Waste, Jams Run Free, Rats, Turquoise Boy, Lights Out, The Neutral, Pink Steam, Or

Sonic Youth – Murray Street vinyl LP on DGC 00602547491824  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2002 LP with download code in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: The Empty Page, Disconnection Notice, Karen Revisited, Rain On Tin, Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style, Plastic Sun, Sympathy For The Strawberry

Sonic Youth – Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star vinyl LP on DGC 00602547349392  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1994 LP with download voucher.

Tracks: Winner's Blues, Bull In The Heather, Starfield Road, Skink, Screaming Skull, Self-Obsessed And Sexxee, Bone, Androgynous Mind, Quest For The Cup, Waist, Doctor's Orders, Tokyo Eye, In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader, Sweet Shine

Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger vinyl LP on A&M 395 374-1  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1991 LP.

Tracks: Rusty Cage, Outshined, Slaves And Bulldozers, Jesus Christ Pose, Face Pollution, Somewhere, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Room A Thousand Years Wide, Mind Riot, Drawing Flies, Holy Water, New Damage

Speak -  Knee Deep In Guilt US import vinyl LP on Revelation REV 64   £10.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, 1998 album with insert.

Tracks: Unheard Truths, Virus, Bottom Line, In From The Cold, Now You See Me, Good Clean Hate, Free Yourself, Always, Throwing Stones, Knee Deep In Guilt

Specials – More Or Less The Specials Live double vinyl LP on Chrysalis 6210141  £17.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double LP.  26 tracks.

Spring King – Tell Me If You Like It vinyl LP on Island 4793302  £12.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed LP.

Tracks: City, Detroit, Who Are You?, It’s So Dark, Take Me Away, Demons, Rectifier, Tell Me If You Like To, The Summer, Heaven

State Of The Nation – State Of The Nation US import vinyl LP on Revelation REVELATION 44   £8.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, 1995 album.

Tracks: A Piece, Replace, Sky Is Falling, Matter Over Mind, State Of The Nation, Fine Day, String, Commercial, Kill Your Revolution, Fuel

Stereolab – The First Of The Microbe Hunters double vinyl LP on Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks D-UHF-025  £29.99 Add To Cart

2000 release with insert.  Double vinyl LP plays at 45rpm.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Outer Bongolia, Intervals, Baroch-Plastik, Nomus Et Phusis, I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet), Household Names

Stereophonics – You Gotta Go There To Come Back double vinyl LP on V2 5714438  £15.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2003 double LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: Help Me (She’s Out Of Her Mind), Maybe Tomorrow, Madame Helga, You Stole My Money Honey, Getaway, Climbing The Wall, Jealousy, I’m Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back), Nothing Precious At All, Rainbows And Pots Of Gold, I Miss You Now, High As The Ceiling, Since I Told You It’s Over

Stereophonics – Language Sex Violence Other vinyl LP on V2 00602557144406  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2005 LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: Superman, Doorman, Brother, Devil, Dakota, Rewind, Pedal Pusher, Girl, Lolita, Deadhead, Feel

Stone Roses – The Stone Roses vinyl LP on Silvertone 88843041991  £17.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1989 album on 180gm vinyl.  Raised gold lettering on sleeve.

Tracks: I Wanna Be Adorded, She Bangs The Drum, Waterfall, Don’t Stop, Bye Bye Badman, Elizabeth My Dear, (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister, Made Of Stone, Shoot You Down, This Is The One, I Am The Resurrection

Strypes – Little Victories vinyl LP on Virgin 4734292  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new sealed LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: Get Into It, I Need To Be Your Only, A Good Night’s Sleep And A Cab Fare Home, Eighty-Four, Queen Of The Half Crown, (I Wanna Be Your) Everyday, Best Man, Three Streets And A Village Green, Now She’s Gone, Cruel Brunette, Status Update, Scumbag City

St Vincent – St Vincent vinyl LP on Loma Vista LVR 37237-01  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2015 LP.

Tracks: Rattlesnake, Birth In Reverse, Prince Johnny, Huey Newton, Digital Witness, I Prefer Your Love, Regret, Bring Me Your Loves, Psychopath, Every Tear Disappears, Severed Crossed Fingers

Suburban Studs – Slam vinyl LP on Pogo POW 001  £24.99 Add To Cart

1978 release with press release and two black and white press photographs.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Suburban Studs, Dissatisfied, Rumble, Resistor, I Hate School, My Generation, Traffic Jam, Revenge, Questions, Necro, Razor Blades, Two Victims, Young Power, Panda Patrol, Bondage, Throbbing Lust, No Faith

Suede – Coming Up double vinyl LP on Demon demrec205  £19.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed 20th anniversary reissue of the 1996 LP plus bonus LP of B-sides in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: Trash, Filmstar, Lazy, By The Sea, She, Beautiful Ones, Starcrazy, Picnic By The Motorway, The Chemistry Between Us, Saturday Night, Europe Is Our Playground, Another No One, Every Monday Morning Comes, The Sound Of The Streets, Sam, This Time, Jumble Sale Mums, Feel, Sadie, Duchess

Swervedriver – Raise red vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP2127  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, reissue of the 1991 LP on red vinyl.  Numbered, limited edition.

Tracks: Sci-Flyer, Pile-Up, Son Of Mustang Ford, Deep Seat, Rave Down, Sunset, Feel So Real, Sandblasted, Lead Me Where You Dare

Swervedriver – Mezcal Head vinyl LP on Music On Vinyl MOVLP1851  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1993 LP.

Tracks: For Seeking Heat, Duel, Blowin’ Cool, MM Abduction, Last Train To Satansville, Harry And Maggie, A Change Is Gonna Come, Girl On A Motorbike, Duress, You Find It Everywhere

Swervedriver – I Wasn’t Born To Lose You double vinyl LP on Cherry Red CSDLP 1186  £18.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double LP.

Tracks: Autodidact, Last Rites, For A Day Like Tomorrow, Setting Sun, Everso, English Subtitles, Red Queen Arms Race, Deep Wound, Lone Star, I Wonder?, Dub Wound, Days

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