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Punk, Indie etc. Vinyl LPs T-Z

Tame Impala - XTC

Tame Impala – Live Versions vinyl LP on Fiction 3773739  £15.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed LP.

Tracks: Endors Toi, Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?, Sestri Levante, Mind Mischief, Desire Be Desire Go, Half Full Glass Of Wine, Be Above It, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Apocalypse Dreams

Television – Marquee Moon vinyl LP on Elektra 8122797158  £17.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1977 LP.

Tracks: See No Evil, Venus, Friction, Marquee Moon, Elevation, Guiding Light, Prove It, Torn Curtain

Television – Adventure vinyl LP on Elektra 8122795952  £16.99 Add To Cart

Brand new sealed reissue of the 1978 LP.

Tracks: Glory, Days, Foxhole, Careful, Carried Away, The Fire, Ain’t That Nothin’, The Dream’s Dream

Television Personalities – Mummy Your Not Watching Me vinyl LP on Fire refire 8  £21.99 Add To Cart

Reissue of the 1982 LP.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: Adventure Playground, A Day In Heaven, Scream Quietly, Mummy Your Not Watching Me, Brians Magic Car, Where The Rainbow Ends, David Hockneys Diaries, Painting By Numbers, Lichtenstein Painting, Magnificent Dreams, If I Could Write Poetry

Toah Dynamic – Cops Hate Our Love vinyl LP on Invisible Spies INV010   £10.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, 2002 album.

Tracks: Rave Radio, Billy Jean Kick Out, Don’t Look Down, This Is An Acid Trip, Lions Tigers And Bears, Mac And Murdock Memorial, Drug Songs For The Irish, Get Some Exercise, Into Swimming, Ghosts In Petrol, This Is Fire And Ice, Pentecostal Quids In

Tramlaw – Law Of Averages vinyl LP on Doghouse DOG-042   £12.99 Add To Cart

Brand new album.

Tracks: Just A Fear, Time To Turn, Fifty Sense, First Person, Would It Make It Worth Your While?, Swirl Theory, In A Song, Two Words, Madeline

UK Subs – Gross-Out USA white vinyl LP on Let Them Eat Vinyl LETV339LP  £11.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed white vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracks: Intro, Emotional Blackmail, New Barbarians, In The Wild, Veronique, Flood Of Lies, Warhead, Limo Life, Disease, Violent Revolution, Soldiers Of Fortune, Ice Age, Dress Code, Telephone Numbers, Stranglehold, You Don’t Belong, Party In Paris

Various – Area Code 212 vinyl LP on Creation CRELP 114  £10.99 Add To Cart

1991 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice.

Tracks: It’s Just An Ecstacy (Project XYZ), Love Of Life (Yohan Square), Jungle Love (Roc In Kato), I Said I Like It (DJ Delite), I’m A Bitch (A Bitch Called Joanna), Love Machine (Larry Tee), You Are The One (Grooveline), Play The World (MK)

Various – Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Ed Ball double vinyl LP on Creation CRELP183  £29.99 Add To Cart

1995 release.  Excellent condition.  Played twice. 24 tracks by The Times, Love Corporation, Teenage Filmstars, O Level and Conspiracy Of Noise

Various – Doing It For The Kids vinyl LP On Creation CRELP 037  £8.99 Add To Cart

1988 release.  Excellent condition.

Tracks: Cut Me Deep (Jasmine Minks), Ballad Of The Band (Felt), Christine (House Of Love), Well Done Sonny (Weather Profits), All Fall Down (Primal Scream), She Paints (Biff Bang Pow!), Lot 49 (The Jazz Butcher), North Shore Train (Heidi Berry), Death Is Hanging Over Me (Nikki Sudden), Cigarette In My Bed (My Bloody Valentine), Jetstream (Pacific), Godevil (Times), A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17 – 24 (Momus), Reflect On Rye (Emily), Brighter Now (Razorcuts)

War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding double vinyl LP on Atlantic 7567-86606-2  £13.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double LP in gatefold sleeve plus download code.

Tracks: Up All Night, Pain, Holding On, Strangest Thing, Knocked Down, Nothing To Find, Thinking Of A Place, In Chains, Clean Living, You Don’t Have To Go

Warsaw – Warsaw vinyl LP on DOL 981H  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed album.

Tracks: The Drawback, Leaders Of Men, They Walked In Line, Failures, Novelty, No Love Lost, Transmission, Living In The Ice Age, Interzone, Warsaw, Shadowplay

Weezer – Blue Album vinyl LP on Geffen 00602547945396  £15.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1994 LP.

Tracks: My Name Is Jonas, No One Else, The World Has Turned, And Left Me Here, Buddy Holly, Undone – The Sweater Song, Surf Wax America, Say It Ain’t So, In The Garage, Holiday, Only In Dreams

Wilco Johnson – I Keep It To Myself / The Best Of double vinyl LP on Chess 5757564  £15.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double LP in gatefold sleeve.  25 tracks.

Wire – 154 vinyl LP on Pink Flag PF13LP  £17.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1979 LP.

Tracks: I Should Have Known Better, Two People In A Room, The 15th, The Other Window, Single K.O., A Touching Display, On Returning, A Mutual Friend, Blessed State, Once Is Enough, Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW, Indirect Enquiries, 40 Versions

Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life double vinyl LP on Dirty Hit DH00214  £17.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double LP in gatefold sleeve with download code.

Tracks: Heavenward, Yuk Foo Beautifully Unconventional, Don't Delete The Kisses, Planet Hunter, Sky Musings, Formidable Cool, Space & Time, Sadboy, St. Purple & Green, After The Zero Hour, Visions Of A Life

XTC – Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume Two) vinyl LP on Ape House APELP119  £16.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 2000 LP.

Tracks: Playground, Stupidly Happy, In Another Life, My Brown Guitar, Boarded Up, I’m The Man Who Murdered Love, We’re All Light, Standing In For Joe, Wounded House, You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful, Church Of Women, The Wheel And The Maypole

XTC – Apple Venus Volume One vinyl LP on Ape House APELP118  £16.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1999 LP.

Tracks: River Of Orchids, I’d Like That, Easter Theatre, Knights In Shining Karma, Frivolous Tonight, Greenman, Your Dictionary, Fruit Nut, I Can’t Own Her, Harvest Festival, The Last Balloon

XTC – Skylarking vinyl LP on Ape House APELP113  £16.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed reissue of the 1986 LP.

Tracks: Summer’s Cauldron, Grass, The Meeting Place, That’s Really Super Supergirl, Ballet For A Rainy Day, 1000 Umbrellas, Season Cycle, Earn Enough For Us, Big Day, Another Satellite, Mermaid Smiled, The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul, Dear God, Dying, Sacrificial Bonfire

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