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Rock, Psyche, Prog, Beat CDs D

Dave Corbett And Friends - Dug Dugs

Dave Corbett And Friends – Stoned Broke And Fed-Up CD on Audio Archives AACD 055  £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new CD.

Tracks: Smashed-Out Carpet, Sweet On Someone’s Mind, I Wonder, Rock And Roll Star, Summertime, It’s All Gone Now, Stoned Broke And Fed-Up, Sun Is Setting On My Life Again, Troubled Times, Mr Play

Day Blindness - Day Blindness CD on Flash FLASH 42  £11.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, digipack CD of the original album.

Tracks: Still Life Girl, Jazz Song, Middle Class Lament, I Got No Money, House And A Dog, Live Deep, Young Girl Blues, Holy Land

Denny King – Evil Wind Is Blowing CD on Axis AXCD 1012   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed CD of the 1972 album.

Tracks: Evil Wind Is Blowing, Bottle Blues, Desert Sand, Sunday Driver, Boogie Man, Bessie Mae, Lucille, Home Cooking, Go Down Moses, Putting Away The Blues

Double Dealer – Moving Target CD on Escape ESM041   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, 1999 CD

Tracks: Jammin’ In The Jungle, What Fires Your Imagination, Stickin’ My Love, Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Show Some Mercy, In My Arms Again, Hot Shot, Passion, Cries Of Love, Heaven’s On Fire, Freedom

Dug Dug’s Los Dug Dug’s CD on Axis AXCD 1011   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed CD of the 1971 album.

Tracks: Lost In My Mind, Without Thinking, Eclipse, Sometimes, Let’s Make It Now, World Of Love, I Got The Feeling, It’s Over, Going Home, Who Would Look At Me?

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Rock, Psyche, Prog, Beat
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