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Rock, Psyche, Prog, Beat CDs E-J

Eddie Baird - Joni Mitchell

Eddie Baird – Exposed CD on Talking Elephant TECD146   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed 2009 CD.

Tracks: Lovebite, Friends Of Mine, Memory Lane, Tramp, Sailing / Young Man’s Fancy, Shame, Compromised, Funny Old Life, Slip Away, Almost Gone

8 Point Rose – Primigenia CD on Escape ESM211   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, 2010 CD.

Tracks: Resolve, Out Of The Shadows, When Chaos Rules Our Lives, Endless Rage, Relentless, The Shadow, Winter Storm, I Want The World To See, Primigenia, Name Of Time

Elder Kindred – Kindred Spirits CD on Audio Archives AACD 029   £11.99 Add To Cart

Brand new CD.  “Highly accomplished and previously unreleased recordings by this eminently talented prog-rock outfit from Huntingdon.  This superb material spans from 1971-73 and features long multi-instrumental tracks in a similar vein to Skin Alley and Caravan.  In the same league as Fantasy, Cirkus etc.  Includes a full band history provided by the musicians themselves.

Tracks: Playing To You, Work Song, Castles, To The Old And Young, Finding Out, Saga, Rape, Superior Camp

Empire – The Power CD on Escape ESM038  £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed CD.

Tracks: Head, Squeeze, Feel, There’s A Time, Stand, All I Want, Cry, Falling, On My Mind, Slipping Away, Detroit Rock City

Footch Kapoot – Good Clean Fun CD on Radioactive RRCD111   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new sealed CD.

"From 1978 this is an album of whimsical eccentricity which defies musical categorisation. From the opening bars of 'Don’s Mom’s Green Boiled Ham' you just sense you’re in for something very different and every subsequent track simply confirms one’s first impression. All 6 band members are virtuoso’s of their own chosen instrument, with several showing of their multi-instrumental skills with consummate ease. The album rocks at times, then leans back and gives us a soft shoe shuffle a la Leon Redbone’s Walking Stick. There’s incredible honky-tonk piano, crazy clarinet made stranger by the use of a reed modulator which gives the instrument a sound the likes of which the human ear has seldom, if ever, heard. The slide and lead guitars are slick and effortless, the drumming tight as it comes, and harmonies that just blend together into one angelic voice"

Tracks: Don’s Mom’s Green Boiled Ham, One Day At A Time, Sleepy Time Day, Das Is Wonderful, Tall Tale, Thee Andes Tune, Theme From The Pet Dome, Versatility, Dreamburst

Gary Duncan – Shape Shifter Volumes 1 & 2 double CD on Voiceprint VP540CD  £6.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, double CD.  28 tracks in total.

Gothic Horizon – Tomorrow’s Another Day CD on Axis AXCD 1007   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed CD of the 1972 album.

Tracks: Thyme And Tied, Sydney’s Wharf, Beverley’s Song (Song For Beverley), Baby You Make The Sun Shine, Lament (For Two Voices), Sunny Day Parable, Song No. 1, Girl With Guitar, If You Can Smile, Jefferson James, Thoughts, Tomorrow’s Another Day

Grand Illusion – Ordinary Just Won’t Do CD on Escape ESM103   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, 2004 CD.

Tracks: Devil’s Advocate, The Best Is Yet To Come, Gone For Good, Heaven Or Hell, New Beginning, Pull You Down, Love Lies Buried, Back To Yesterday, And This Is Why, When You Were Mine, On Time

Hard – Time Is Waiting For No One CD on Escape ESM205  £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed 2010 CD.

Tracks: Time Is Waiting For No One, Black Clouds, Lonesome Loneliness, Love Goes With Anything, Magical Pretence, Into The Fire, The Pace And The Flow, My Kind Of Woman, Nona, Shine On Me Now, Four-Leaf Clover

Jimi Hendrix – Best Of PPX Recordings double CD on SPV 085-29272  £14.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed double CD.

Tracks: Get That Feeling, How Would You Feel, Hush Now, No Business, Gotta Have A New Dress, Welcome Home, Love, Love, Fool For Your Baby, Don't Accuse Me, Better Times Ahead, Wah Wah (Instr.), The Ballad Of Jimi, Drivin' South (Instr.), Ain't That Peculiar, I've Got A Sweet Little Angel, Bright Light, Big City, California Night (Live), Left Alone (Live), I'm A Man (Live), On The Killing Floor (Live), Nobody Loves Me (Live), Torture Me Honey (Studio, Instr.), Sleepy Fate (Studio, Instr.), Satisfaction (Live)

Jimi Hendrix Experience – Smash Hits CD on Experience Hendrix 88697631802   £5.99 Add To Cart

Brand new, sealed, 2010 CD of the 1968 album.

Tracks: Purple Haze, Fire, The Wind Cries Mary, Can You See Me, 51st Anniversary, Hey Joe, Stone Free, The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice, Manic Depression, Highway Chile, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Foxy Lady

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